Lion owns a collection of unpatented, proprietary technologies in the renewable energy and environmental sectors.  Its renewables technologies specifically relate to energy storage and solar thermal power production. In addition, Lion has unpatented, proprietary environmental technologies related to NOx and SO2 abatement, and recycled materials technologies.

Each technology, when fully developed and commercialised provides potentially multi-billion dollar opportunities.

Lion is also working with top universities and chemists from around the world to bring more new revolutionary clean energy technologies to the market for a a better environment resulting in significant returns for our investors.

We are developing the next generation of renewable energy and
environmental technologies.

Our strategy is not to manufacture, market and sell products ourselves – we
monetize our technologies through licensees and alliances. As such, our
focus is on prototyping, further refinement of our technologies and
negotiation of the first wave of license agreements. This is the most
profitable phase of the development cycle.

Our current portfolio of technologies includes large scale energy storage,
solar thermal power production, proprietary recycled materials technologies,
and environmental technologies related to full NOx and SO2 abatement.

We focus on technologies that have the potential to be multi-billion dollar

We continue to work with top universities and chemists from around the world
to develop further technologies that will improve the environment and
benefit our investors.