What is the Renewable is looking for? New flow battery coming soon from us...

Our Legal Advisors for the private placement is the Law firm Kelemenis & Co

 Welcome to Lion Energy S.A.
Dear Friend and future Investor:
Our company is carrying out projects that will not only be potentially very profitable for our shareholders, but they will also contribute to the preservation of the environment and to the increase in the quality of life of many people. Indeed, this will be a meaningful part of the major transformations occurring in the world in this century

Kostas Liapis

  Hydrogen, manufactured locally using water, wind and sun, is a secure, inexhaustible, emission-free fuel for consumer electronics, heat and electricity production, and the next generation of highway vehicles

  Lion Energy S.A. develops outstanding technologies in key fields that are dealing with major concerns of the 21st century


  New positions may start in February

We are seeking to hire talented scientists,engineers,and administrative assistants to join our organization to support the expansion of our research and development and product development divisions in the near future.
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